Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can email us at Please visit our shop at 36 Arab Street Singapore 199735 or contact us at (65)62983391. Our operating hours are 0930 to 1800 from Monday to Friday and 0930 to 1700 on Saturdays. We are not open on Sundays and public holidays.

Our range of double faced polyester satins and grosgrains are colour fast. The rest of the ribbons are produced for the purpose of packaging. If you require the ribbons to be colourfast, it will be best to check with us. 

If you have already bought the ribbon, you can cut a short swatch of the ribbon and wash it to check if the colour runs. Please note that dark coloured ribbons has a higher tendency to run compared to lighter shades. 

All ribbons are brand new and direct from factory. While we strive to minimize the number of joints in a ribbon roll, the ribbon may not be in one continuous roll. Any ribbon joints are inherent from the factory's manufacture. Ribbon rolls with joints are not considered defective. 

As we operate on a wholesale scale, we are not able to check every spool of ribbons for joints and damages. Generally, printed ribbons will have a higher occurence of joints as compared to regular plain ribbons. 

There are joints because the factory removed damaged portion of the ribbons. If we were to eliminate all joints from the ribbons, there will be a high level of wastage. The wastage will increase the eventual cost of ribbon. The price for each spool of ribbons is inclusive of any inherent joints. We cannot guarantee that each roll is of a continuous roll. However not every roll has a joint. 

Please be assured that we do not sell any ribbons in yards so all ribbons are directly from the factory. We do not cut them unless when we repack them into the relevant smaller roll. 

Colours look different through different browsers and monitor display. For different shipments of ribbons, there may also be a slight variation of colours due to dyeing process. 

As we are a wholesaler, Kin Soon has always been selling ribbons in such quantity. For less quantity, more effort will be required and currently we do not have enough resources or any plans to sell in smaller quantity (i.e. by yards). Some of the smaller spool of ribbons and trims are also an attempt at selling in smaller and more acceptable quantity.

Please be assured that if we ever choose to sell in less quantity, we will launch these collections online. (: 

We have a strict no-exchange or refund policy.