Tissue Paper (Non-Waterproof) for Packaging

Tissue Paper (Non-Waterproof)

Our tissue paper is 50cmx70cm per piece and 17gsm, available in 2 packing. They come in a ream of approximately 480pcs or a small packet of 20pcs. The tissue paper is crisp to touch and is usually used to fill up or line packaging boxes/hampers and gifts. In addition, it's also used to wrap products for an additional "un-boxing" effect when the gifts are opened. They can be used in crafting to do pom-pom flowers or packaging and decoration. 

For delivery within Singapore, the ream packing has to be folded into half for delivery. 

Tissue Paper Packing Ream 3

Tissue Paper Packing Ream 4

Tissue Paper, 50cmx75cmx20pieces White
Tissue Paper, 50cmx75cmx480pieces White